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Grade A Premium Dried Wild Blueberries

RM 19.00

This premium Grade "A" gem of nature is dried through a proprietary vacuum method that helps retain all its nutritional goodness. WILD blueberries are like Hermes of handbags. Being wild crafted means its quality is not compromised from the industrial practices of pesticides, herbicides or insecticides. Wild blueberries are also one of the most resilient of superfoods - where if you were to burn them down to ashes, they would still have the ability to revive and regrow. Just like you, your body can recover and heal itself even after any health complications if you add some wild blueberries into your diet. 

While organic highbush offers good nutritional value, lowbush wild blueberries are preferred because:

  • They contain more antioxidants. In a USDA study of 40 fruits and vegetables, whole-fruit, lowbush wild blueberries were found to have the highest antioxidant level.
  • They have higher anthocyanin potency. Lowbush wild blueberries are naturally richer in these flavonoids than the more abundant highbush varieties.
  • They contain a high amount of fiber. Each 80-calorie cup contains 25 percent of the recommended daily value, or twice that of highbush blueberries.
  • They contain a high amount of manganese. Each cup contains 200 percent of the recommended daily value, or eight times that of highbush blueberries. This mineral is essential for bone development.
  • They are more vibrant in color and taste. As a result of higher anthocyanins, lowbush wild blueberries are darker in color and have a more robust taste and flavor.

Our berries are 100% pure and unsweetened, which means no added sugar, preservatives, fruit juice, oil or anything else that could tamper with this precious gem. 

You get about 800 pieces of dried wild blueberries in every pack! Add them to your breakfast cereal or have them as a snack. This makes a nutritious, power-packed snack for your little ones too.