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Anti-Cleaning Solvents

RM 33.00

Are you the kind of person who wears new clothes right off the rack? Do you work in a carpeted office where they conduct routine chemical cleaning? Are you using conventional cleaners such as Clorox, JIF, or other chemical solutions for your laundry and house?

Based on Medical Medium Book 1, all these chemicals namely formaldehyde disrupts our endocrine system. Formaldehyde is also the cause of vitiligo (white spots that had led late Michael Jackson to bleach the rest of his skin) where the virus consumes these toxins and excretes dermatoxins that damage the skin pigment. 

Everyone is exposed but who will show the first signs of symptoms? Protect yourself and your family by incorporating healing foods and herbs into your daily routine. 

Each bottle contains 30g of organic herbal tea blend.