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100% PURE Premium Canadian Wild Blueberry Powder

RM 200.00

Dried Wild Blueberries dried to approximately 8-10% moisture to maintain a chewy texture and achieve shelf stability. Our dried Wild Blueberries (vaccinium angustifolium), start with Canada Grade A* fruit. Both wild blueberry growers as well as finish processors, following the quality of our products from field to package. Our fruit are dried in a unique vacuum – radiant energy system that allows the extraction of moisture atlow temperatures. Our unique drying technique allows our products to retain nutrient levels similar to that of the fresh fruit. Our dried wild blueberries are 100% non GMO, with no preservatives, oils, flavour, colour or sweeteners added. The product is compliant with Canadian,European, and USA regulations regarding pesticide residue analysis. Our processing facility is HACCP and SQF certified.

Ingredient: Canada Grade A* Wild Blueberries (vaccinium angustifolium)

Country of Origin: Canada